Folk Evening


21 Feb 2021 

 Last Friday Castle Cove Sailing Club entertained members with a wonderful evening of folk music, singing and dancing. The stars of the show were Sara Lloyd on squeeze box, Irene Robinson on accordian, Des Quick on banjo and Bob Todd on guitar.

Des’ T Shirt made us laugh, it said “I don’t make mistakes when I am playing banjo, I make spontaneous creative decisions”.

As we were settling down and chatting to each other we decided that the zoom prize (that just means there was no prize!) for the best folk outfits went to Jenny Pilbeam and her partner. Hats, glitter, make-up, jackets and flowers, brilliant!

Song sheets printed off and at the ready, we sang 10 songs -Westering Home, Dream a Little Dream, The Fields of Athenry, Irish Washerwoman/Corporal Casey, Scotland The Brave, Wild Rover, The Mermaid, The Wild Mountain Thyme, Those Were The Days My Friend, Lamorna (Her eyes they shone like diamonds).

Sara started the ball rolling with Westering Home on her squeezebox. She surprised everyone at the end by telling us that it’s a new instrument for her and that she’d only been playing for 18 months!

Next came Des who entertained us with a fast paced banjo and singing rendition of Dream A Little Dream. How does anyone play all those notes so quickly?

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